Chipotle Chocolate Flourless Cake

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chipotle chocolate cake

There are few Valentine’s Day desserts better than flourless chocolate cake. This Chipotle Chocolate Flourless Cake heats up Valentine’s Day a bit. So put down the pink and red foil wrapped Valentine’s Day candies. They are chocolate flavored, if you will. This dessert packs serious chocolate punch.

flourless chocolate cakeTroubleshooting Baking Challenges for Flourless Chocolate Cakes

Here’s how to overcome a few challenges you might have encountered when previously making a flourless chocolate cake.

  1. The cake is grainy. This is usually due to a melting chocolate problem. Don’t be hasty with melting your chocolate. Applying too much heat too quickly or stirring too vigorously can ruin the texture of your melted chocolate. Instead melt chocolate over a double boiler, which simply means heating water in a saucepan and then melting your chocolate in a heat safe dish above the water. I use a metal mixing bowl to melt my chocolate when I use the double boiler method. But usually I melt my chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave. Make sure your chocolate is cut up into small, even pieces. Use good quality chocolate chips to make this easy. Then microwave for 30 seconds and give a quick stir with a silicone spatula. Then microwave for 15 seconds and keep repeating for 15 second intervals until chocolate is smooth. In this recipe you’ll melt the butter and chocolate together.
  2. The cake sticks to the pan. This one is easy to fix. Use a good quality springform pan. Good quality doesn’t mean expensive. I use this 9 inch Farberware springform pan for less than $20. If your pan has scratched edges, it’s probably time to replace it. Use a silicone spatula or a plastic knife to prevent scratching your pan.  Spray both the bottom and the sides of your pan with a non-stick spray. I use a coconut oil spray like this. Then cut a circle of parchment paper that is just smaller than your cake pan and put that on top of the non-stock spray. Let the cake cool for 10 minutes before removing from the pan.nonstick springform pan
  3. Slices are messily cut. No amount of cutting slowly will result in a perfectly cut cake. Letting the cake cool completely and then putting the cake in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes will help though. I’ve also read that using a plastic knife can help, but I like to use my chef’s knife which allows me to cut down through the cake rather than dragging across the cake.
  4. There is too much cake. Can there be too much of a good thing? If you are making this cake for two, eight generous slices might be a bit much. You could experiment with halving the recipe and making it in a smaller springform pan. Or you could put leftovers in the freezer. I slice up the entire cake and then put leftovers in a resealable plastic bag and freeze. When the cake freezes it never gets rock hard. It always maintains the ability to be broken, so much sure it doesn’t get crammed into a tight place in the freezer. You can also eat the cake straight from the freezer. The fats in the butter harden, so it’s a completely different experience, but it’s still delicious. You can also defrost the cake at room temperature for an hour.chipotle chocolate flourless cakePrint
    chipotle chocolate cake

    Chipotle Chocolate Flourless Cake

    • Author:
    • Prep Time: 10 minutes
    • Cook Time: 30 minutes
    • Total Time: 40 minutes
    • Yield: 8-10
    • Category: Dessert
    • Method: Oven
    • Cuisine: Dessert


    Fudgy, delicious flourless chocolate cake with a bit of a kick thanks to chipotle pepper, cayenne, and cinnamon.


    • 2 cups (11.5 oz.) semisweet chocolate, roughly chopped (I used Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate Chips 63%)
    • 8 tablespoons of unsalted butter, cut into pieces
    • 5 large eggs, room temperature
    • 1/2 cup of sugar
    • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
    • 1 1/2 teaspoon of chipotle chili powder
    • Dash of cayenne pepper
    • Pinch of salt
    • Powdered sugar for dusting (optional)


    1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Spray the springform pan with non-stick spray, like coconut oil. Line the bottom of the pan with a circle of parchment paper.
    2. Melt the chocolate and butter together in the microwave or over a double boiler. If using the microwave, cook for 15 second increments. Stir gently between increments. I microwaved for less than 2 minutes before chocolate was fully melted.
    3. Whisk together the eggs and sugar in a mixing bowl. Slowly mix in the melted chocolate. Add the salt and spices.
    4. Pour into the springform pan and bake for 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for at least 10 minutes before removing from springform pan. Place on a wire rack to cool completely. Optional: Using a tea ball or sifter dust with powdered sugar and serve.


    Not craving a kick? You can leave out the cinnamon, chipotle powder, and cayenne for a standard flourless chocolate cake.


    • Serving Size: 1 slice
    • Calories: 389
    • Sugar: 32 g
    • Sodium: 145 mg
    • Fat: 27 g
    • Saturated Fat: 15.2 g
    • Carbohydrates: 38.2 g
    • Fiber: 3 g
    • Protein: 6.8 g
    • Cholesterol: 147 mg

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