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Healthy Habit Update: Have I stopped eating in front of screens?

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I’m happy to report that since the start of the month I haven’t eaten lunch in front of my computer at work. That was my original goal in my Healthy Habit post for February. I did eat at my desk once, but I didn’t multitask and work while I ate. I ate at my desk, because the office kitchen was busy and I had a webinar starting soon. My goal was to make improvements rather than following a set of stringent rules, so I’m still consider that a success. The two things I was going to do to help me achieve the initial part of my goal were sort of helpful. Set a recurring lunch appointment on my calendar. This was helpful. I’m not sure if it reduced the number of people that requested lunch meetings, but it helped me be cognizant that I needed to plan time to eat…

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Eating food while working

How to Stop Eating in Front of Screens

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How do you stop eating in front of screens – phone, computer, television? Such an easy answer but tough to do. Just don’t do it. We’re in control of what we feed our face, right? Yes. And no. It’s so easy to build habits of snacking a little here or there while working or relaxing in front of the TV or eating lunch real quick while working on a busy day. When we eat in front of screens, we don’t savor our food. Food can bring us joy, especially when shared with good company. Finding pleasure in food isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. Our brains are looking for those happy signals that we get from food. If we are focusing on something else, we miss those happy signals and our brain tells us to look for those signals. ‘Hey, don’t you want a cookie?’ A…

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Veggies for breakfast in these roasted veggie breakfast tacos

Eat Veggies for Breakfast – Healthy Habits

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Last week I shared a post about focusing on building one new healthy habit at a time rather than trying to changing many things at once. We’re so much more successful when we focus on one thing at a time. And we can successfully focus, then we can turn that new behavior into a habit that we don’t have to think about. For the month of January, I want you to make a habit of eating veggies for breakfast. This will be more challenging if you don’t eat breakfast, because you’ll also have to develop a habit of eating breakfast. If you already eat breakfast start asking yourself, how can I add a vegetable to this? Why eat veggies for breakfast? Vegetables are full of fiber that will help keep you full until lunch. Eating veggies in a variety of colors will help you eat a wide variety of vitamins…

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Consider these 10 things before you set your New Year’s resolutions

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The end of the year comes around each year and many of us vow to suddenly be a radically different person on January 1st. We vow to exercise every day, forego the sweets on the break room table, walk 10,000 steps every day, floss, lose 20 pounds, fit into that pair of pants in the back of the closet, AND make all of our perfectly healthy food from scratch every day. Realistically this isn’t going to happen – at least not all at once on January 1st. Consider the following 10 things before you set your New Year’s resolutions if you want to successfully improve your healthy lifestyle. Change happens little by little. For most people change doesn’t happen in one fell swoop. Think about it, did you adopt your unhealthy habits all at once? Probably not. They creeped in one by one and became part of your life in…

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Sheet pan veggies

I am Not a Fan of “No”

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This evening I was at the grocery store doing a little Thanksgiving dinner shopping. While checking out and I remarked to my husband, “This is probably the most unhealthy grocery haul we’ve had in awhile.” The cashier made a face and rolled his eyes. “Oh the minimally sweetened granola and the semi-sweet chocolate chips. How unhealthy!”, he mocked. That’s not at all what I was thinking when I said our groceries were unhealthy. I wasn’t thinking about what was coming down the conveyor belt. I was thinking about what wasn’t. Minimal produce. Cranberries only. No vegetables. I knew that I was picking up my CSA (community-supported agriculture) share the next day, but the cashier didn’t. He was thinking of unhealthy being the things I did eat rather than the things I didn’t. Even though I have a weekly CSA share, I still usually buy a good quantity of vegetables at…

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Butter flour

I Don’t Healthify My Dessert

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Let me lay this out there first, I have a sweet tooth. I have tried many things to help my sweet tooth. I’ve completely eliminated sweets for months. (That wasn’t fun.) I’ve used whatever natural sugar was in vogue at the time. It’s super confusing to keep up with the sweetener and natural dessert trends. Sweeteners quickly swing from being the new hotness to something to avoid. And trying to do so made me obsessed with sweets! Not really the result I was going after. So I stopped. I stopped looking for the best naturally sweetened chocolate chip cookie. I stopped looking for the best ice cream that was dairy free and naturally sweetened. Desserts full of flavor Instead I started eating dessert that is full of flavor and not ‘free’ of anything, except regrets. I slow down and savor every bite. I try to taste every flavor. Is that…

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