winter vegetable breakfast

Winter Vegetable Breakfast Hash

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Sometimes I want a breakfast that doesn’t include eggs. Don’t get me wrong. I love eggs so much that I eat eggs along with a serving or two of vegetables most mornings for breakfast. I like eggs scrambled, poached, hard boiled, fried, soft boiled, baked, in a frittata, and in a quiche. I really like eggs, but I don’t always want eggs. A vegetable breakfast hash is an excellent way to cook a savory breakfast without making eggs. You can serve it with a piece of toast or with a fried egg, I won’t tell… This breakfast includes many winter favorites include Brussels sprouts, apples, and sage. When winter comes around, I’m always excited to eat Brussels sprouts again; however, with Brussels sprout season comes the question of Brussels sprouts or brussel sprouts? As you might have guessed from the preceding use in this paragraph, it’s Brussels sprouts. As a…

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mushroom spinach egg scramble

Super Easy Mushroom Spinach Egg Scramble

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This mushroom spinach egg scramble is so easy that you may not even need to chop anything. So it’s perfect for a quick breakfast and my go-to meal when I’m traveling and staying in homes or hotels with sparse kitchens. When I am traveling, I try to eat several meals in to save money and time. I know eating out is half the fun of traveling, but when I have a long list of places to check out I look for some ways to conserve  time. Eating breakfast in is a good way to do that. Eating breakfast in also means I’m starting my day with a healthy meal. Since my husband likes to sleep later than me, eating breakfast in means I can cook up breakfast and eat when I’m ready rather than waiting for him to roll out of bed and get ready. I really enjoy eating out…

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Veggies for breakfast in these roasted veggie breakfast tacos

Eat Veggies for Breakfast – Healthy Habits

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Last week I shared a post about focusing on building one new healthy habit at a time rather than trying to changing many things at once. We’re so much more successful when we focus on one thing at a time. And we can successfully focus, then we can turn that new behavior into a habit that we don’t have to think about. For the month of January, I want you to make a habit of eating veggies for breakfast. This will be more challenging if you don’t eat breakfast, because you’ll also have to develop a habit of eating breakfast. If you already eat breakfast start asking yourself, how can I add a vegetable to this? Why eat veggies for breakfast? Vegetables are full of fiber that will help keep you full until lunch. Eating veggies in a variety of colors will help you eat a wide variety of vitamins…

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Veggies for breakfast in these roasted veggie breakfast tacos

Roasted Veggie Breakfast Tacos with Mint Pepita Sauce

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Now that we’re well into fall, you’ve probably seem as many pumpkin and pumpkin spiced recipes online as there are leaves in my yard. Fall brings pumpkin mania mostly in the form of roasted pumpkin, but don’t forget about shelled pumpkin seeds. Pepitas (also called pumpkin seeds) have a nutty taste and are great for snacking either raw or roasted. This recipe uses them like a pine nut in a pesto-like sauce. Like many seeds, they have a great flavor and are highly nutritious. Pepitas are an excellent source of protein, fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and niacin.  The key to perfectly roasted sweet potatoes is chopping them into pieces that are the same size. I half the sweet potato, so I have an even cutting surface. Then I slice it into several vertical slices. Then I lay half of the slices down horizontally and make both parallel and perpendicular slices….

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