chipotle chocolate cake

Chipotle Chocolate Flourless Cake

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There are few Valentine’s Day desserts better than flourless chocolate cake. This Chipotle Chocolate Flourless Cake heats up Valentine’s Day a bit. So put down the pink and red foil wrapped Valentine’s Day candies. They are chocolate flavored, if you will. This dessert packs serious chocolate punch. Troubleshooting Baking Challenges for Flourless Chocolate Cakes Here’s how to overcome a few challenges you might have encountered when previously making a flourless chocolate cake. The cake is grainy. This is usually due to a melting chocolate problem. Don’t be hasty with melting your chocolate. Applying too much heat too quickly or stirring too vigorously can ruin the texture of your melted chocolate. Instead melt chocolate over a double boiler, which simply means heating water in a saucepan and then melting your chocolate in a heat safe dish above the water. I use a metal mixing bowl to melt my chocolate when I…

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Butter flour

I Don’t Healthify My Dessert

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Let me lay this out there first, I have a sweet tooth. I have tried many things to help my sweet tooth. I’ve completely eliminated sweets for months. (That wasn’t fun.) I’ve used whatever natural sugar was in vogue at the time. It’s super confusing to keep up with the sweetener and natural dessert trends. Sweeteners quickly swing from being the new hotness to something to avoid. And trying to do so made me obsessed with sweets! Not really the result I was going after. So I stopped. I stopped looking for the best naturally sweetened chocolate chip cookie. I stopped looking for the best ice cream that was dairy free and naturally sweetened. Desserts full of flavor Instead I started eating dessert that is full of flavor and not ‘free’ of anything, except regrets. I slow down and savor every bite. I try to taste every flavor. Is that…

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